We Have So Many Questions about @biscuitballerina

September 2, 2017

After only a week on Instagram and just 20 posts, a mystery account known as @biscuitballerina has already amassed more than 900 followers. What’s her secret? TERRIBLE technique.

That’s right: although many of us look to Insta for #balletinspo, biscuitballerina’s posts are all about the worst of ballet. Think sickled feet, bent knees, turned-in legs, and so many more can’t-look-away antics.

An aura of mystery lurks around @biscuitballerina, though. Who is she? From the other dancers tagged in her posts (uh, Drew Jacoby much?) and the assured stability of her wildly incorrect positions, it seems probable she’s a professional dancer. (And future professional comedian, if we have anything to say about it.) But why start this joke account?

If you have the answers, let us know! Until then, we DS editors will be cringe-laughing and double-tapping our way down @biscuitballerina’s feed.