What's New With Lacey Schwimmer

November 30, 2009

We last talked with Lacey after she launched her first Sugar and Bruno tube socks line. Now, despite her crazy “Dancing With the Stars” schedule, we were able to catch up with her about her latest fashion endeavor. Not only has this girl been killing it on the dance floor, she’s definitely been working it out in the drawing room.

Dance Spirit:
How is “DWTS” going?

Lacey Schwimmer:
It’s going so great! It’s still in the beginning phases, but we’re working really hard, and it’s definitely coming along. My partner is great. I got him some Sugar and Bruno shirts and he actually really likes them.

How did you go from a dancing diva to a designing fashionista?

It’s so crazy. Before I decided I was going to be a dancer, I wanted to do hair and make-up design and go to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I designed all of the costumes for my dance studio for years. Then, Sugar and Bruno contacted me about designing, so I started with tube socks. It was such a success that I began designing more and came up with what I call my “ safe line,” or the line where I wasn’t confident enough to take chances yet. My newest line is definitely more edgy. I’m amazed at how well it’s all worked out.

DS: A lot of your shirts have the saying “I danse pour moi” on them. Why did you decide to use French for your new designs?
When I was little I loved the French film Love Me If You Dare. I was totally into the love and passion of the French culture and became obsessed with everything French. Love and passion are the words I use to describe how I feel about dance. Then, when I was a teen, I saw this French circus with the most unbelievable dancers. They were so amazing!

DS: Where did you come up with the lighting bolts that are featured on a lot of your new items?
If you look really close at the lightning bolt you will see that it’s actually my initials. It is fun, fresh and gives my line a little edge. I even had the lightning bolt tattooed behind my ear.

DS: What are the must-haves from your new line?

I love the off-the-shoulder tee’s and the lighting bolt racer back tank top. I also just got these awesome basketball shorts. They’re comfy when you dance and they allow you to stretch.

DS: How does it feel when you see other dancers wearing one of your designs?

It’s super cool to walk in and see young dancers wearing my stuff, which is comfortable and studio appropriate. I’m not into the whole booty shorts and bra top thing, so I like to see other people feel comfortable in what they’re dancing in too.

DS: What can we expect from your future fashion endeavors?
We are coming out with these new socks called pirouette socks. They are half socks, so there is no folding or tucking and you never have to adjust your balance. I love the lightning bolt on them because it makes them cute and edgy.

Q: What’s coming up next for you?
I actually just got back from a bikini photo shoot with [ital: People] magazine. I was asked, along with Kym and Dmitry from the show, to do a fitness DVD for “DWTS.” We’ve geared the DVD toward a younger crowd to help motivate kids to be more active. It’s really great.