What's On Shane's Mind

March 20, 2008

Hi, DS readers! In an effort to get you even more fun and up-to-date dance news, we’re adding a few guest bloggers to the site!
Shane Sparks
, who you know and love from “So You Think You Can Dance” and “America’s Best Dance Crew,” will be writing to you twice a month to let you know what’s new in his life and in the dance world.


It’s Thursday, March 20th… I’m sitting at home going crazy!! There’s so much going on in my life, I remember thinking I can’t wait till I’m so busy that I have no time for nothing but work. Well… It’s here… Everyday I get the most incredible calls for work in the dance world. I love my life right now everything I ever asked for I have. I’m soooo content. The show is almost over and I’m trippin wondering who America is going to choose as America’s best crew. The good news right now in my life is the show got picked up for a second season. They said the ratings are through the roof!!! I’m gonna be in Tennessee next weekend with the PULSE and I can’t wait…!! I get to do what I love to do!!! Until next time stay true to yourself and treat the ones you love like king and queens. Shane Sparks thinking out loud.