WilldaBeast's New Video for Shakira Is Extra Spicy

December 5, 2016

Sometimes all you need to make a solid video is an empty studio, a few dancers, a talented choreographer and an eminently danceable track. But when the dancers include the likes of Jade Chynoweth, Janelle Ginestra and Josh Killacky, the choreographer is WilldaBeast Adams, and the track is by Shakira? In that case, satisfaction is essentially guaranteed.

Luckily for us, this isn’t a hypothetical scenario: Shakira tapped WilldaBeast to create a dance video for her latest banger, “Chantaje.” Adams brought partner Ginestra and a bunch of his other favorite dancers onboard, crafted choreo that nods to the singer’s signature belly dance skills, and set the whole thing in a bare Millennium studio. The result? Simple, snaky, spicy fun.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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