Willdabeast Adams and Janelle Ginestra Get #Real in "Making the BEAST"

November 13, 2015

We all know that Will “Willdabeast” Adams and Janelle Ginestra are choreographic geniuses (I mean, Fraternal Twins? City Ghouls?). We also know they work super hard. But we didn’t realize how hard—until now. The duo (who are also dating IRL <3) just released the pilot episode of their new series, “Making the BEAST,” a behind-the-scenes, personal look at the effort that goes into their jam-packed dance careers.

Awwww #DynamicDuo (Screenshot via YouTube)

From waking up at 4 a.m. to shoot a new Fraternal Twins video, to a weekend travelling from LA to Toronto and back again to teach classes at a convention, “Making the BEAST” is as real as it gets. And we absolutely love it. Not only does it emphasize the level of commitment required to make it in such a competitive industry, but it gives us yet another reason to love and admire these two inspiring individuals. Adams and Ginestra care so much about their dancers, and in turn, the dancers give 110% every time.

The high energy convention led by Willdabeast and his #immaBeast movement.

So far, only the pilot’s been released. But it’s safe to say that here at DS, we’ll be keeping a close eye out for Episode 2 (and we hope it’s coming soon!). In the meantime, catch Episode 1 below:


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