"World of Dance" Recap: It's the Final Cut-Down

July 25, 2017

Week 2 of Misty Copeland as guest judge, week 2 of merciless cuts…How can the final episodes of “World of Dance” possibly live up to the sheer dramaaaaaaaaa of last night’s episode? Well, based on the nail-biting results dished out by Copeland and Co. last night, the competition is only going to get fiercer from here. Without further ado, last night’s results, as told by Kween Misty.


The 13-member, Asian American hip-hop powerhouse group Kinjaz earned a 93.5, beating out Super Cr3w, Chapkis Dance Family and Ian Eastwood & the Young Lions.

“I felt like a 14-year-old seeing N*SYNC for the first time, like OOOOOOOH!” Same, Misty, same.

(Swing Latino earned their own spot in the Team finals on last week’s episode with an also-stellar 92.5.)


The top two acts in this division are both longtime DS favorites, so we totally get why the judges’ scores were closerthanthis: Les Twins with a 93.5, and Keone & Mari with a 93.2.

Here’s Kween Misty on Keone & Mari: “What makes an artist a true artist is their ability to be vulnerable and honest on the stage. You had me in that emotional state with you, and it was beautiful.” Brb, crying.

And about that insanely synchronized routine by Les Twins: “When you’re known, the expectation can be even higher—but you blew me away.” Join the club, Misty.

Who else is ready for the Divisional Finals to kick off next week?! I’ll be over here low-key dying of suspense. They’re all just SO GOOD. I can’t.