"World of Dance" Week 5 Recap: The Anatomy of a Dancer

June 26, 2018

Just when you think the dance routines can’t get any better on “World of Dance,” someone lights up the stage and sets the bar a little higher. This week was no exception. There were moves upon moves, with dancers performing tricks we didn’t even think were humanly possible. Leave it to “World of Dance” contestants to rewrite the anatomy of the dancer.

12-year-old Madison Brown stole the show last night with her insane extensions and her expressive performance. She danced way beyond her years and floored the judges with her maturity and overall technique. Though it’s still early in the competition, we think Madison’s one to keep an eye on as she advances to the next round with an average score of 87.

Marissa & The Heartbreakers gave a performance that had us ready to jump off the couch and join in. As if dancing full-out on live TV isn’t hard enough already, these ladies upped the ante as one of the only groups performing their routine in heels. And man were they on 🔥🔥! With some truly fabulous hair flips and some unreal variations of the split, these ladies were by far the fiercest performance of the night. On top of that their performance was totally in sync and clean. And proving the world truly is small in the dance world, J.Lo remembered Marissa auditioning for her show in Vegas. These strong dancers are bound to bring a little girl power to the stage as they move to The Duels with an 83.5.

Last, but certainly not least, Royal Flux came back to the show with a vengeance. Having been eliminated in The Duels segment of the show last season, Royal Flux seems determined to win and is willing to do whatever it takes. In fact, one of the dancers even performed the routine despite having fractured her foot during rehearsal earlier that day. The choreography was as mesmerizing as the tricks and transitions. The panel of judges also acknowledged how emotive the performance was. Royal Flux seems to be the whole package and we can’t wait to see what this contemporary crew will come up with next as they go into the next round with a score of 87.