"World of Dance" Week 7 Recap: The Duels Are in Sight

July 17, 2018

Last night’s episode of “World of Dance” proves that there’s literally an endless supply of talented dancers in this world. We’re on week SEVEN of Qualifiers, and each week, we’re continuously blown away by the competitors. Last night was no different, as eight more groups (all of whom deserved to advance) vied for a spot in the Duels.

Quad Squad

Quad Squad made our comp-kid dreams come true with their high-octane, turn-heavy, perfectly synced performance. Seriously, these girls are the definition of “unison.” Everything was clean and crisp, filled with emotion, and performed flawlessly. The judges agreed, awarding them an 89—enough to get them to the Duels.


There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after marInspired’s moving turn on the “World of Dance” stage. It’s so refreshing to see a male duo, especially on such a large-scale stage. These two have a knack for storytelling. The performance was brimming with emotion, the choreo was lively and different, and you couldn’t help but be transported by the dancing. The judges loved every minute of it, giving them a well-deserved 91.3, enough to get them to the Duels.

Alisa & Joseph

These two remind us so much of Keone & Mari—when was the last time you saw a duo so aware of each other’s bodies and movements? Alisa and Joseph picked “Stand By Me,” which was an A+ choice, not just because it’s one of the greatest, most danceable songs ever, but because it truly highlighted their spectacular musicality. The judges were blown away and awarded them a 90.7, also sending them to the Duels.

With the end of Qualifiers in sight, “WOD” is about to kick into high gear with the Duels. Catch us back here next week for another recap!