"World of Dance" Recap Week 4: Qualifiers Wrap Up

June 16, 2020

Last night’s episode of “World of Dance” introduced us to one final round of incredibly talented, inspiring performers, all vying for a select few spots in the Duels. The judges seemed even more selective than usual this week, sending three acts directly to the Duels while giving the other eight either nos or callbacks. Clearly, the competition is fiercer than ever before, and we can’t wait to see that energy come through in the callback performances next week! For now, here are a few acts we have our eye on from last night’s show.


This crew of street dancers from Argentina was a surprise! After tearfully sharing the heartbreaking news that the fifth member of the group had just been sidelined from a knee injury, they launched into an adorably cheeky, incredibly tight, and hilariously entertaining number. Wanting to get another glimpse of the group’s potential post-damage-control, the judges decided to give them a callback.

Project 21

Shoutout to the dancers of Project 21, who currently grace the cover of Dance Spirit’s Summer issue! Fierce, fabulous, and flexible as usual, the group’s cohesiveness clearly showed that they’ve been dancing together for a while. The judges weren’t entirely sold, and sent them to callbacks next week. But honestly, we’re okay with that—we’re here for any chance to see these ladies kill it on the floor.

Kurtis Sprung

This contemporary dancer sure ended Qualifiers on a high note. While Kurtis shared his experiences being bullied as a male dancer in his small hometown, his performance was all things strong, powerful, and joy-filled. His technique was clearly on par with “World of Dance” standards, but the judges weren’t entirely sold on his ability to translate his emotions into his movement and connect with audiences. Nevertheless, he ended up snagging a “yes,” sending him straight to the Duels.