"World of Dance" Week 6 Recap: Onward and Upward

July 10, 2018

What with the insanely high overall level of talent and technique on a televised dance competition like “World of Dance,” it’s often easy to forget that these dancers, too, have areas to improve upon and goals still left to reach. TV dance stars: They’re just like US! On last night’s episode of “World of Dance,” the top three scorers proved that even once you reach the top of your game, there’s still room for even more beautiful growth.

Take DNA, aka Denys Drozdyuk and Antonina Skobina, the Ukrainian-born ballroom couple (onstage and off, awwwww!) who’ve been burning the floor together for ten years. After being sent home from “WOD” during last year’s Duels, they took the judges’ feedback to heart and are back to show the world they’re better than ever. And BIGGER than ever, in Drozdyuk’s case: Last night, J.Lo commented that he’s bulked up visibly, to which Drozdyuk replied, “Well, I had to buy dumbbells after last year.” Way to make critical feedback work for you (and net an 88.7 from the judges), DNA!

The Untouchables, a Latin-fusion group in the Junior division, definitely had the cuteness factor on their side as they blasted through a lightning-speed routine that included samba, capoeira, and tons of other Latin-dance specialties. Though the judges gave them a solid 88.7, Ne-Yo warned the pint-size dynamos that “Energy without focus is just chaos. You don’t want to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.” True to the that.

But the incontestable standout last night was The Rock Company of Las Vegas, NV. They performed a piece that responded to last October’s fatal mass shooting in their hometown, and the result was truly transcendent and moving, thanks to the seamless choreo and the dancers’ focused, genuine performances. The group earned a 96.7—and proved they’re a team to keep an eye on as the competition progresses to Duels next week.