The Ryan Reynolds–Yanis Marshall "Deadpool" Bromance Is Next-Level Amazing

May 6, 2018

You guys: Ryan Reynolds and Yanis Marshall are having a gorgeous bromance, as made possible by a Céline Dion music video in which Marshall wears the movie star’s signature Deadpool jumpsuit in addition to his own signature stilettos.

Has a more #extra sentence ever existed? Well, believe us when we say that the video is EVEN EXTRA-ER.

The vid in question is for Dion’s epic (naturally—she doesn’t exist on any other level) “Ashes,” the lead single for the Deadpool 2 soundtrack. When it first came out late last week, some wondered exactly how and when Reynolds might have acquired the fabulous dance skills showcased in one section. Because, I mean:

But those moves looked verrrrry familiar to us. Before long, Reynolds himself had confirmed our suspicions: His double was none other than the Heels Queen of the World. And Reynolds, like the rest of us, is now completely onboard the Marshall train:

Delightfully, the infatuation is 1000 percent mutual:

#Rynis? #Reyshall? #Yanolds? Let the ‘shipping begin.

Also, Deadpool 2 opens May 18. (Heels not included.)

(Also also: We didn’t mean to COMPLETELY destroy the dream world in which Ryan Reynolds is an excellent dancer. In fact, over the weekend, Reynolds actually appeared on the Italian version of “Dancing with the Stars.” And you know what? He wasn’t half bad.)