Why You Should Know Terrific Tapper Bella Boye

May 20, 2020

With her quick feet and effortlessly warm stage presence, 15-year-old tapper Bella Boye is making waves in the competition and convention scene. She toured with Revel Dance Convention as a Pro Reveler during their 2018-19 season, and is also an NRG danceProject tap assistant. Bella’s even had the chance to perform with tap icons Chloe and Maud Arnold at Radio City Music Hall. Catch Bella touring on her second season as a Pro Reveler in 2020–21.

Fast Facts

Full Name:
Isabella Marie Boye

“Bella the Tapper”


March 7, 2005

Atco, NJ

Trains at:
Tricia Sloan Dance Center, Wenonah, NJ

How she started dancing:
“My mom put me in dance class when I was 2 years old. But I was actually too scared of the loud noise of tap shoes, so I didn’t start tap dancing until I was 5.”

Three words to describe her dancing:
Creative, unique, strong

Favorite styles:
Tap, ballroom, and hip hop

Nondance hobbies:
Baking and making TikToks

Favorite TikTok dance:
“After Party”

Photo by Hudson Matter, courtesy Bella

Favorite movie:
“I recently watched all the Stars Wars movies for the first time and really liked them! I also love ‘Friends.’ ”

Place she’d love to visit:
“I love Disney, so my dream trip would be to go to Disneyland Paris, and then see the rest of the city.”

Advice for other dancers:
“Surround yourself with those who want the same things as you, and you’ll be the more likely to achieve them. Also, focus on your own goals and don’t let anybody else’s idea of success affect your own.”

Where she sees herself in 10 years:
“It would be a dream to be able to be a tap faculty member for a dance convention. I would be able to travel, inspire other dancers, and constantly come up with new choreography.”

Dream superpower:
Reading minds

Something no one knows about her:
“I’m really goofy and loud, even though I’m shy at first.”

Favorite foods:
“Pasta, and chocolate milk. But not together!”