Why You Should Know Dynamic Danseur Corbin Holloway

September 7, 2020

When asked to describe his dancing, Corbin Holloway answered “vibrant, bold, and exciting”—and we couldn’t agree more. The 13-year-old ballet dancer is not afraid to take up space onstage, making his well-coordinated leaps and turns that much more impressive. You might have seen Corbin on NBC’s “Little Big Shots” back in May, where he was awarded a training scholarship by Misty Copeland herself. Corbin also won the Youth America Grand Prix’s Hope Award and qualified for the 2020 NYC finals, which were unfortunately postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Later this year, Corbin hopes to attend the Princess Grace Academy in Monaco on a short-term scholarship, and have another opportunity to compete at YAGP.

Fast Facts

Corbin Ronald Holloway


May 1, 2007

Bethesda, MD

Trains at:
CityDance School and Conservatory, North Bethesda, MD

How he started dancing:
“When I was younger, I would teach myself tricks at the football field while my brothers played. My mom put me in dance classes, and I’ve been there ever since.”

Favorite performance:
“I loved performing La Bayadère at Lincoln Center for the YAGP Gala in 2019.”

Favorite things about dance:
“I love the challenge that it gives you, the opportunities, and the people you get to meet.”

Favorite styles:
Ballet, jazz, and contemporary

Corbin performing on Season 4 of “Little Big Shots” (Flannery Underwood/NBC)

Nondance hobbies:
Swimming at the pool, and anything outdoors

Favorite TV Show:
“Gilmore Girls”

Favorite song right now:
“Selfish,” by Madison Beer

Places he’d love to visit:
Russia or Hawaii

Dance inspirations:
Carlos Acosta and Svetlana Zakharova

Advice for other dancers:
“Even if you get discouraged, keep going. And, always make sure you have somebody you trust to support you.”

Something you may not know about him:
“I started football when I was six, and played for about two or three years before getting into dance.”

Favorite food:
“My mom’s homemade gnocchi and pierogies.”