A Look at "city.ballet." Episode 2

November 12, 2013

While it may be tempting to watch the entire season of “city.ballet” in one sitting (OK, it’s near impossible not to), I’ve decided to space it out, watching one episode each week. This week is “Apprentices,” where we get to meet the newbies of New York City Ballet. They’re young, they’re super talented and they’re gunning for a spot in the corps de ballet. It’s hard not to be ridiculously excited for them!

Quote of the Week:

“When you’ve been in the company for a few years and you see the apprentices come in, and their technique is, like, superb, you’re just kind of like, ‘Crap, I let a few things slide.’ ” —Gretchen Smith, corps de ballet

Fun Fact:

In this episode, we get to know apprentice Claire Von Enck, who comes from a dancing family: Her older sister Nicole dances at Texas Ballet Theater and her younger sister (and roomie) is a student at the School of American Ballet.

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