Ace Your "SYTYCD" Audition

July 5, 2009

As the co-executive producer of “So You Think You Can Dance,” Jeff Thacker has seen it all. He’s watched dancers face-plant during the audition process, but he’s also witnessed the dancers who blew Nigel and Mary away. He’s here to tell you how to get your ticket to Vegas—

and for the hot tamale train.



  • Dress to impress. It makes a big difference.
  • Be as unique and memorable as you can. Show us something we may not have seen yet.
  • Show us your charisma and character. Having a good personality is equally as important as excellent dancing ability.
  • Come and enjoy the entire experience.


  • Come unprepared. You never know what songs you may dance to or styles you’ll be asked to do.
  • Dance in a style that isn’t your own. Be good at your own style, not bad at another.
  • Wear hats or glasses that cover your face. We need to see you.
  • Hold back. Just go for it and do your best.