Health Crimes, Ballerina Baldness and more

February 7, 2010

Just How Healthy Are You?

Are you committing some of the most common health crimes? Take this quiz to find out.

1. It’s the week before your big performance and your costume feels a bit snug. You decide to…

a. cut all carbs out of your diet.

b. skip second helpings and desserts.

c. eat nothing but grapefruit and carrots until opening night.

2. You light up a cigarette…

a. occasionally at parties.

b. never!

c. a few times a day.

3. The sun is shining and you can’t wait to get to the pool! The first thing you
do when you get there is…

a. apply your regular face moisturizer, which contains SPF 15.

b. lather SPF 30 all over your body and throw on your favorite baseball cap.

c. drench yourself with tanning oil and drag your lounge chair into direct sunlight.

4. When you leave your house in the morning, you…

a. grab an apple and a can of diet soda for a quick breakfast on the go.

b. take the time to eat a balanced breakfast: an egg-white omelet, a slice of whole-wheat toast and a glass of O.J.

c. feel too frantic after sleeping through your alarm to even think about food.

5. You’re in the driver’s seat on your way home from rehearsal when your cell phone rings. You…

a. text your boyfriend that you’ll call him back.

b. ignore the call and return it when you get home.

c. fish your cell out of your dance bag, and then chat for the rest of the ride.


Mostly A’s:
Room to improve

Crimes like cutting carbs, smoking occasionally and texting behind the wheel may not seem like a huge deal, but they can cause you to gain back more weight than you originally lost, trigger a nicotine addiction and put yourself (and others) in danger on the road.

Mostly B’s:
Keep it up

You’re on your way to a happy and healthy life. Jump-starting your metabolism each morning by eating that balanced breakfast is one habit you should never quit.

Mostly C’s:
Time for an intervention

It’s time to change your habits. Never use your cell while driving—it makes you four times more likely to crash. When it comes to spraying on all of that tanning oil, we have two words for you: skin cancer. And never skip meals—six small meals a day actually speeds up your metabolism.


Ballerina Baldness

Traction Alopecia, nicknamed “ballerina baldness,” is an alarming condition in which a person experiences temporary hair loss after pulling her hair tightly in the same direction over and over. But don’t worry—it’s preventable! Simply switch up your style in order to change the direction in which your hair is pulled each day. Left-side bun, right-side bun, high bun, low bun, left part, right part—the options are endless!

Did You Know?

Crossing your legs at the knees when sitting reduces leg circulation and can cause varicose veins. Not pretty! Next time you sit, try crossing your legs loosely at the ankles for a ladylike alternative that won’t cause any damage.

Quick Tip

Put freshly minced garlic cloves in your socks and wear them overnight—the garlic will kill the fungi that cause athlete’s foot. Repeat for 7 to 10 days until your athlete’s foot is gone. And don’t forget to wash your stinky feet!