Here’s What You Need in Your Dancer Preparedness Kit

April 18, 2022

Let’s face it: There are an infinite number of “dancemergencies” that could strike during a class, rehearsal or performance—anything from a rolled ankle to a ripped costume. But with a little preparation, you can DIY your own kit to tackle whatever crisis might chassé your way. Here are a few items to get you started.

Miniature Sewing Kit

Whether you need to mend a popped elastic on your pointe shoe or reattach a button on your costume, you’ll be glad you have a needle and thread for last-second repairs.

Lip Balm and Body Lotion

You can’t focus in class if you’re distracted by chapped lips—just make sure you don’t accidentally get lotion from your arms and legs onto the studio floors.


Blisters and rolled ankles and floor burn, oh my! It can’t hurt—pun intended—to carry around Band-Aids, ACE bandages, and any other bandage supplies that you’ve made use of in the past.

Toe Tape

With toe tape you can prevent blisters from pointe shoes and rips from dancing barefoot, not to mention keep regular bandages in place even when you’re sweating.

Reusable Water Bottle

Hydration is critical, so make sure you’re ready to refill whenever needed.


Pack a nonperishable snack for any day you’re running late, rehearsal runs long, or if you’re just feeling peckish. Nobody dances their best with low blood sugar.

Portable Charger

Not that you’ll be on your phone all that much during a long rehearsal or performance day, but it doesn’t hurt to carry a spare battery pack and charger.

Stain Remover

Whether you smudged some lipstick on your dance costume or spilled some salad dressing on your shorts, it can’t hurt to carry travel-size stain remover pens or wipes.

Hand Sanitizer Gel or Wipes

Keep your hands clean and your fellow dancers healthy. Enough said.


This one is self-explanatory.

Nail Kit

There’s nothing so irritating as breaking a nail halfway through your pas de deux, so pack a pair of clippers and a file.

Your Pain Reliever of Choice

Familiarize yourself with the different types of pain relievers and figure out which best suits your needs. In addition to oral medication, you can try topical pain relievers like Tiger Balm, IcyHot or Bengay.

Hair Supplies

Don’t get caught with your hair down—carry extra hair ties and pins just in case.

Clear Nail Polish

It’s a classic dancer trick because it works: Dab clear nail polish on snagged tights to keep any runs or rips from spreading.