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Here’s What You Need in Your Dancer Preparedness Kit

Let’s face it: There are an infinite number of “dancemergencies” that could strike during a class, rehearsal or performance—anything from a rolled ankle to a ripped costume. But with a little preparation, you can DIY your own kit to tackle whatever crisis might chassé your way. Here are a few items to get you started. […]

What’s in Your Dance Bag—Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes our dance bags feel like portals to another dimension—we have no idea what half the stuff buried in our bags even is. (Note to self: Clean out dance bag.) But have you ever wondered if there’s a method to the madness? We’re pretty sure there is, and as always, we’re pretty sure it’s something […]

Shouldering the Load: What kind of dance bag should dancers use?

Walk into any dance convention, audition or class, and you’ll see a vast variety of dance bags lining the walls. But can the style of bag you use (and how you wear it) have an impact on your dancing? Don’t worry—you won’t have to shoulder the load alone. Dance Spirit spoke with two physical therapists […]

Win This Bloch Organizer Bag

Does it ever feel like your dance bag is one giant, black hole? Well thanks to this organizer bag, it doesn’t have to be. Put your bobby pins and hair ties in one pocket, and your toe tape and spacers in another. You’ll be surprised by how much time you’ll save by knowing exactly where […]

7 Travel-Friendly Products That Are Perfect for Your Dance Bag

When you spend more time at the studio than your actual house, making sure you have everything you need throughout the day can be tough. Obviously, shoes and endless amounts of toe tape get first priority, but what else should you be sure to keep in your bag? From dance emergency must-haves to on-the-go beauty […]

8 Weird Things Dancers Can't Live Without

Being a dancer comes with the responsibility of constantly being prepared for anything. And that means every dancer has a few essential troubleshooting items ready to go in her dance bag—no matter how strange those items might seem to a non-dancer. Here are 8 weird things dancers can’t live without. Tennis balls Forget sports—tennis balls […]

Dance Bag Must-Haves for Summer Intensives

At a summer program right now? Don’t leave home without these eight dance bag essentials that’ll get you through your crazy day of classes. Seriously, they’re lifesavers! 1. Emergency Kit Thinkstock Be prepared for any minor disaster with just-in-case essentials: nail clippers, scissors, Icy Hot, Advil, needle and thread, Band-Aids, etc. Plus, having a kit […]