"Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Season 10, Week 4 Elimination

April 13, 2010

It was a jam-packed “Dancing with the Stars” elimination show with lots of exciting performances. Here are our top 10 favorite moments:

Sade’s Performances

This soulful singer continued last night’s “passion” theme with slow and sultry R&B numbers. And Chelsie Hightower and Damian Whitewood’s steamy duet was the perfect accompaniment!

#9: Sade’s backup singers

Um, what are you wearing? The whole khakis-with-red-suspenders, polo shirts and giant multicolored flower headpieces is completely odd. Perhaps odd in a good way?

#8: Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood’s rumba

We were rooting for Pam after last night’s lovely performance. And since she got to dance an encore, we’ll also mention that we loved her comment last night when she was talking about partnering with Damian: “I don’t have a man right now, so it’s nice to have him to dance with.” Awww!

#7: The “Ballas Brat Pack”

Last night the audience got to see what all the “DWTS” pros looked like as young ballroom competitors. While they were on the ballroom circuit, Derek and Julianne Hough were chummy with Mark Ballas—and apparently this totally awesome threesome was known as the “Ballas Brat Pack.” As if we needed yet another reason to love Ballas and the superstar ballroom sibs.

#6: Tony Dovolani’s chivalry/machismo

In the same section where we learned about the “Ballas Brat Pack,” we also heard that Tony once got into a fight on the dance floor! His defense? “Hey, the guy stepped on my partner’s foot three times. On purpose!” So, it turns out that Tony’s patience isn’t endless.

The Travis Wall/Nuttin’ But Stringz extravaganza

NYCB principal Tiler Peck, Nick Lazzarini, Danny Tidwell, Jamie Goodwin and many, many more familiar faces showed off their skills in a fast-paced number choreographed by Travis Wall. And that girl who got the first close-up? That’s Taja Riley—keep an eye out for her in the May/June issue of Dance Spirit!

#4: Tom Bergeron teasing Chad Ochocinco

We love this host’s quick wit, especially when it’s aimed Chad Ochocinco’s swooning over Cheryl Burke. After Chad’s obvious attempts at flattery (“A woman loves a man she can mold”—blech) Bergeron said, “Is Chad about three compliments away from sounding really desperate?” Yes. Yes he is.

#3: Kate Gosselin getting ousted

Oh wait, that didn’t happen. Dang.

#2: Aidan Turner tearing up

Sure, Aidan wasn’t the most graceful dancer, but this soap star showed his soft side when given the news that he wouldn’t be returning next week. He got a little choked up when thanking his partner, Edyta Sliwinska. And as the credits began to roll, he cut loose on the dance floor with a little jig. So adorable!

#1: The “Future of Ballroom” dancers

A group of five young ballroom couples performed and man, were they hot! The dramatic and high-energy performance (choreographed by Mark Ballas—he’s unstoppable!) showcased the dancers’ superb technical skills. Can we see an encore next week, pretty please?

So, what did you think of last night’s elimination show? Which star did you think should have danced his or her last dance? Share your thoughts!