Daydreamin' with Megan Batoon

March 22, 2017

Here at DS, we’re all about female hip-hoppers. There’s just something so empowering about watching women get down, hit hard and prove that strong can be the new sexy. (Also, we’re straight-up thrilled about the trend of b-girl minis dominating the scene.)

This November, we introduced you to one of our favorite young women of hip hop. Megan Batoon—one of the 13 dance-makers who made it onto our “Hot Young Choreographers” list—embodies everything we love about this genre. Her movement has all the power of “masculine hip hop,” but it’s not exactly the same kind of power. It is #GirlPower.

What makes it different? It’s the touch of softness, the moments of vulnerability, the thoughtful details. You can see all of these elements in her newest choreo video, “DAYDREAMIN’.” There are no bells and whistles to it—besides an opener and closer that feature Batoon’s characteristic humor and a cameo from fellow DS fave Ian Eastwood. Other than that, this video is all about the movement. And we think that’s a pretty darn refreshing way to start out the week.

Megan Batoon, we’ll daydream with you any day.