Down 'Dos

August 17, 2011


Pouffed Sides Up
1. The Poufed Sides-Up

Comb the hair at the crown of your head into a medium-sized pouf and secure it with two crisscrossed bobby pins. Then, gather the hair from the sides of your head (including the tail of your pouf) into a small ponytail at the back of your head and secure it with an elastic.






Braided Headband
2. The Braided Headband

Make a 3-inch side or center part at the front of your head. Gather the unparted hair into a ponytail. Starting as close to the part as possible, make a tight French braid on one side that ends just behind your ear. Secure with two crisscrossed bobby pins and repeat on the opposite side. When you’re finished, release the rest of your hair from the ponytail.






3. The Twist-Back

Make a side part and section off the front half of your hair. Twist one side of the front section away from your face toward the back of your head until the twist is an inch past your ear. Secure the twist with two crisscrossed bobby pins and repeat on the opposite side. 



  • Tame wispies with hairspray after you finish 
  • Make any look performance-ready by swapping your bobby pins 
for sparkly clips.









Photography by Nathan Sayers.

Hair and makeup by Tonya Noland for Mark Edward, Inc.

Modeled by Ingrid Abeleda, Megan Gee phillips and Lina Kent