Kamille Upshaw

July 14, 2009

Every day DS editors get to watch the fantastic videos you post at dancemedia.com. From your submissions we choose the winner of the Dance Spirit Video of the month, Future Star Video of the month and the finalists for our Cover Model Search 2009. In August, we particularly loved Kamille Upshaw’s contemporary solo, “Pearls,” and picked her as our Future Star. Her lovely lines, authentic emotion and musicality made her irresistible to watch. DS chatted with the 19-year-old Juilliard sophomore to learn more. —Lauren Kay

How did you originally get involved in dance?

Kamille Upshaw:
At 7, I started dancing at a few local studios

in the Upper Marlborough area of Maryland and did lots of competitions. But it was at the Baltimore School for the Arts where I was in the dance

department that I learned

most of my technique. I also took an after-school program at the Kennedy Center and danced at a local studio. My schedule was—and is—dance, dance, dance. But I love it that way!


What were you hoping to gain from posting on dancemedia.com?


I had performed the “Pearls” solo for two years and had done well with it at a Headliners

competition. But I wanted

feedback from other dancers, which I received, both positive comments and constructive

criticism. Plus, I’ve noticed that posting on the web is a great way to let people know you are a rising artist.


What’s your advice

for aspiring Future Stars?


Keep your head up. Dance is such a hard field, so you need a lot of willpower. Take your own journey and truly go for it.