Kate's Note: Finding Your Dance Family

December 10, 2009

One of the most amazing things about being a dancer is finding your “dance family”—the people you train with who make you feel like you have an artistic home. You’re not born into this family; instead, you meet them by way of fate. They’ll inspire you to be better at what you do and, if you’re lucky, you’ll know them for a very long time. If you’re luckier still, you’ll continue to work with them as you grow and change.


In this month’s cover story on the Beat Freaks (“Super Freaks”), we learn how one dance family came to be. Although they originally formed because they share a talent (being really good hip-hop dancers!), they also share struggles (being females in a dance style dominated by males) and aspirations (encouraging other young dancers to pursue their dreams). They choreograph together, travel together and help each other with their hair and makeup. (Our photo shoot with them was the most fun ever—go to dancespirit.com//videos for a behind-the-scenes look!) Plus, their positive “Freak the Dream” message is inspiring dancers to have the courage to follow their passions.


Want to create your own crew like the Beat Freaks? Turn to “Form Your Own Crew” and get started!


Even dancers as awesome as the Beat Freaks need to learn the moves before they can freak the dream. Attending a summer study program is one way to hone your skills and broaden your artistry. Our Summer Study Guide features schools and companies of all genres that provide a range of summer experiences, from six-week intensives to weekend workshops.


A few years ago, at one such summer program, The PULSE on Tour, I watched Wade Robson teach. The dancers were picking up his moves, but they weren’t getting the musicality. Wade stopped to speak about how dancers should hear the music. What he said was so insightful that we decided to dig deeper into the topic. Check out “Mastering Musicality.”


And there’s more—including “Heat Up Your Style” (p. 36), featuring the talented cast of “Dance212: The College Years.” If you’ve been to college, are in college, or want to go to college, don’t miss it!


As we enter the year 2010, set our goals high, reach for more and “Freak the Dream”!




Photo by Jacob Pritchard