Meet the Lady Dragons: Brooklyn's Best Step Team

July 14, 2015

Meet the Lady Dragons of Brooklyn Technical High School. They are the loudest-clapping, strongest-stomping step team in Brooklyn, and they rock.

VICE Sports made a super-cool mini-documentary featuring the Lady Dragons as they prep for a regional competition. As team captain Christina Saint Jean explains in the doc, stepping is “the art of using your hands and feet to make beats and rhythms.” She stresses that while stepping isn’t dance, it’s still a form of expression.

Total respect for Christina’s definition, but we can’t help seeing more than a few similarities between stepping and dance. It uses rhythm, it has formation and timing, and it showcases physical virtuosity as well as artistry. And any dancer will relate to the stress leading up to the Lady Dragon’s big comp. They have a reputation to uphold under an insane amount of pressure. Watch their story in the film below and see how their regionals turn out. #girlpower