November 2009 Video of the Month Viewers' Choice

January 2, 2010

Elephants,” performed by Elise Pacicco and choreographed by Justin Mann

In this video Elise Pacicco dances a piece titled “Elephants,” choreographed by Justin Mann, with an impressive combination of technical ability and lyrical expression.  Her gymnastic strength and flexibility are showcased with musicality and feeling that incorporate her abilities into the piece without sacrificing aesthetic sense or continuity.  Pacicco dances with a perceptible joy in the movements of her body which make them all the more enjoyable to the viewer, especially at moments when the choreography takes her from the air (her jumps have bounding elevation) to the ground in swift motions that she executes with precise timing and grace.  The fluidity of the connections between difficult steps makes them almost surprising to watch, and she seems to playfully relish the range of expression her abilities allow her.  Well done, Elise, and congratulations!