October 2013

March 22, 2017

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  • Hooray for Hayden!

    Each year, the Dance Spirit editors go on and on about how difficult it is narrowing a field ofMore »

  • Nationals Lookbook

    After last year, we thought Nationals couldn’t get any better. But this summer you all out-performed, out-costumed and out-techniquedMore »

  • Second Companies 101

    You have your heart set on dancing with Boston Ballet. You’ve done your research, so you know there’s alsoMore »

  • The Hard Truths: Dancers Share the Toughest Lessons They Had to Learn.

    Most professional dancers are so passionate about dance they can’t imagine doing anything else. But the dance world isn’tMore »

  • Winterize Your Wardrobe

    Keep your body toasty and ready to rehearse in these comfy warm-ups. Related

  • The 5-Minute Face

    Professional makeup artist Tonya Noland shows you how to keep your face looking fresh—even when you’re in a rush.More »

  • Four Reasons to See Broadway’s
    Big Fish

    Edward Bloom, a teller of tall tales (“big fish” stories), tries to reconcile with his skeptical son from hisMore »

  • Jason Janas

    It’s impossible not to get caught up in the moment when you watch Jason Janas tap dance. Electricity rumblesMore »

  • Victoria Jaiani

    It’s not just luxurious extensions and delicate port de bras that make the Joffrey Ballet’s Victoria Jaiani such aMore »

  • A Choreographer in China

    In our October issue (on newsstands now!), we feature 23-year-old Elisa Montalvo, who choreographed for the first season ofMore »

  • Starving Artist

    I wish I could say I didn’t fulfill the dancer-with-an-eating-disorder cliché, but I can’t. My struggle started when IMore »

  • Healthy Fall Treats + Stretching Your Goals

    This month it might be tempting to just grab a handful of Halloween candy before heading to class, butMore »

  • Get Fit with Physique 57

    Surely you’ve heard of Physique 57 by now. The barre-based classes—held at six studios, including locations in NYC, theMore »

  • Beyond the Spa

    When most people think of massage, they imagine a luxurious, white-robed spa experience. But you don’t have to spendMore »

  • Perfect Piqués

    It’s the end of class, and you’re whipping through a diagonal of piqué turns. You spin across the floorMore »

  • In the Circle

    From under-the-radar local gatherings to high-profile competitions like the Red Bull BC One and France’s Juste Debout, dancers allMore »

  • Modern Essentials

    Want to land a spot with Gallim Dance or Alonzo King LINES Ballet? You’d better head to modern class.More »

  • The Layout

    JAKOB SAYS: “The key to the perfect layout is timing. Your head and leg need to hit the finalMore »

  • Jared Parker

    Does Jared Parker look familiar? That’s probably because he was the bespectacled star of this year’s Tony Awards, standingMore »