Recap: Top 12 Performances

July 9, 2009

Last night was jam-packed with dances! We were thrilled to see so many styles grace one stage, but are left feeling a bit overwhelmed but how much happened last night. To help sort through all 24 performances, we’re going to break today’s recap up by couples—since after all, this will be the last time you’ll see these duos together (tear, tear).

Ade and Melissa

Disco: Missed the Train

Though we’re huge Melissa fans, Ade outshined her in this number. He was really grooving and shaking, while she was a bit stiff. The disco numbers are rockin’ this season (go Doriana Sanchez!).

Waltz: Taking a Later Train

This number was slinky and sexy. It showed off the couple’s chemistry. And how about the turns Ade nailed? Nice! Mary called Melissa “mesmerizing,” and we agree. She holds herself really well, which is probably because she’s a trained ballerina (Here that, all you bunheads out there!).

Team K & K

Contemporary: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train

Brilliant dancing, brilliant Mia choreography (possible Emmy nomination?). Who hasn’t dealt with some kind of addiction or known someone with one (even if it’s just being addicted to dance!). This powerful piece shed light on a very serious subject. Kupono’s cocky smirk was perfect, and Kayla’s body melted into the role.

Broadway: Taking a Later Train

Yay Joey Dowling! She has made some excellent choreography choices so far—Sweet Charity, West Side Story—can we put her on the hot tamale train? We did agree with Nigel that Kupono and Kayla danced a bit happy for the gritty WSS style. Though we really enjoyed watching their gorgeous technique (Kayla’s legs—wow!).

Jason and Caitlin

Foxtrot: Taking a Later Train

She totally looked like Katherine Heigl, right? Great kicks from Caitlin, and amazing faces and jazzy movement from Jason. They seemed to really enjoy it and it showed through their smooth, graceful movement. But even though I’m a big fan of this couple, there was a little spark missing.

Contemporary: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train

We called this last week—we wanted to see this pair try a Mandy Moore routine, and they did! We think that the judges were a bit hard on them in this number. They clearly worked very hard and danced beautifully. They’re fighters. And we think that they’re worthy of the top ten.

Phillip and Jeanine

Russian Folk Dance: Missed the Train

The first half was a bit cheeky, but the second half wasn’t terrible and actually pretty athletic. At least, they really went there (cheesy smiles and all!). Philip’s flipping (cart wheeling) on the floor, and Jeanine’s spins were fabulous. But those outfits? Not feeling them, sorry.

Jive: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train

Her personality always shines through. And Phillip stepped it up this week! Bravo. Last night we tweeted that they should be put on the hot tamale moments before Mary officially said it. We knew that this routine was a winner! Then Tyce said, “Phillip what you lack in technique you make up in performance. Jeanine you’re more than just a dancer you’re a star.” Well said.


Hip Hop: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train

Preggers? Poodle? Flapper? These sure can really play different roles! Randi really seemed euphoric (perhaps she was channeling her husband?). We appreciated the groove and happy energy of the song and choreography, and at one point, it gave us chills! It was classic Nappytabs lyrical hip hop routine and left us feeling satisfied. However, Randi stole the show a bit, and the judges they keep telling Evan to step it up. Will he do it?

Samba: Missed the Train

First of all, love the leopard costumes—they made Randi look sexy and Evan look long and lean. But they seemed a little tired. They’re always so strong that we expect more from them. The number was clean, but not feisty enough for animal print.


Argentine Tango: Taking a Later Train

This was very well danced, and Nigel loved it. Yes, they have awesome technique and energy. But we feel like we’re always seeing them in sexy number. We’d love to see them try a something more vulnerable, like a contemporary routine. Hear that choreographers? Emotionally challenge these stars!

Pop Jazz: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train

After this dance, we felt more attached to them. They finally did something cheeky not overly sexy. Wade rocks (wearing those matching shades). Janette really shined doing another style. Mary said Janette delivers every time. We think they both do. And Tyce inspired by Wade, how sweet?


—Lauren Levinson