Remembering Marion Coles

January 12, 2010

Everyone loves a good kick line. We all know that Radio City Music Hall is famous for its Rockettes, but did you know that the Apollo Theater of the

1930s had its own chorus line of dancers? Known today as the Silver Belles, these women are still dancing—even though some are in their nineties! But in November 2009, Marion Coles, a key member of the troupe and wife of fellow tap legend Charles “Honi” Coles, died.

Despite her passing, Coles’ legacy lives on with today’s tappers. “Marion Coles epitomized class, elegance and what it is to be an entertainer. For me as a young woman, she is a true inspiration,” says tapper Chloe Arnold. “Her legacy will be remembered and passed on.” 


Photo courtesy the Silver Belles