Will Dance Be Serena Williams' Wimbledon Success Secret?

June 28, 2015

Remember when Serena Williams graced the cover of Vogue and filmed a tennis-meets-dance video to Beyoncé’s “7/11”? Well, a little earlier this month, the tennis champion dropped another dancey clip—minus the Queen Bey soundtrack. Instead, Williams opted for a quick musical-theatery throwback, lip-synching to “So Long, Farewell” from The Sound of Music. (Um, yasss.)

But that’s not all. On Saturday, Williams scored a few more points in our book: At a pre-Wimbledon press conference, Williams announced that she is, in fact, on a competitive dance team. And she wants the team to perform on “The Ellen Degeneres Show.”

It’s a little hard to tell if Williams is joking through her giggles. But a quick note to Serena: This is no laughing matter! Dance loud and dance proud.

I, for one, can’t wait to see the”big reveal” she mentions. And in the meantime, my fingers are crossed for Williams and her crip walk on “Dancing with the Stars” Season 21…

Merde for Wimbledon, Serena!