SYTYCD Recap: Final Four Season 5

August 5, 2009

Last night’s finale sure was controversial. Poor Evan! We think he is fab even if he isn’t the judges’ or America’s Favorite Dancer (but who knows, maybe he is). We also predict that big bro Kasprzak with kick butt next season. Before then, back to last’s night show. Who is the frontrunner on our hot tamale train? Read on to see who we think will win the show and be featured on Dance Spirit’s November cover!

Top 4 (Wade Robson routine)

Well this was certainly mainstream for Wade. Lady Gaga and cheerleaders are more bubblegum pop than crash test dummies and hummingbirds, but we’ll buy it. The girls were more featured than the boys, and Jeanine captivated us the most.

Hot Tamale Winner: Jeanine

Evan and Jeanine (jazz)

Adam Shankman told Jeanine he never saw her coming as a top contender. Well, we sure did! We agree with Mary that Jeanine was slightly better, but this number showcased Evan’s growth. He is such a cutie!

Hot Tamale Winner: Jeanine

Brandon and Kayla (Broadway)

Ahem, the fouettés weren’t synchronized. Otherwise, they both gave a strong performance. While Kayla had great lines (as usual), she was a bit thrashy for the musical theater style. Brandon was smoother, and we favored his performance.

Hot Tamale Winner: Brandon

Brandon and Evan (pop jazz)

Love Laurieann’s choreography. She’s been a great addition to the show this season. Brandon smoked Evan. But Evan played the part well, and we’re proud of him.

Hot Tamale Winner: Brandon

Jeanine and Kayla (contemporary)

Jeanine had better emotion, but Kayla’s dancing caught our eye (perhaps because she was in the front?). This was very close.

Hot Tamale Winner: Kayla

Evan and Kayla (jive)

The slow lifts were a highlight of the choreography. Evan was pretty good in this. But Kayla is, as Debbie Allen says, “white lightening,” and she was a bit stronger.

Hot Tamale Winner: Kayla

Brandon and Jeanine (paso doble)

Hot, hot, hot! These two are so fierce. And they’re predicted to be the finalists! Still, one of them stood out more.

Hot Tamale Winner: Jeanine

So can you guess which contestant we voted for last night? Who did you vote for? Tell us on Twitter! —Lauren Levinson