SYTYCD Season 6: Final Elimination

December 16, 2009

America has a new favorite dancer! Russell Ferguson, a 20-year-old krumper from Boston with no formal training, danced his way into the hearts and minds of viewers across the country and we couldn’t be happier for him. Way to go, Russell! We all teared up watching his emotional reaction to the news. We’re so looking forward to meeting him at Friday’s cover photo shoot (and we hope his knee will be OK by then)!

“So You Think You Can Dance” Season 6 felt like it flew by! The 2-hour finale show was jam-packed with great acts, making it a fitting end to a fantastic season. A few of our favorite moments:

•    The opening number, performed by the Top 19

•    The self-choreographed jive routine performed by Ashleigh and Ryan

•    J. Lo’s awesome guest performance, featuring contestants from former seasons (So cool!)

So, readers, were you happy with the results? Let us know how you feel by sending us messages at the Talk To Us page or via Twitter (@Dance_SpiritMag). Keep an eye out for our March 2010 issue which will feature Russell’s cover story!

In the meantime, start working on your solos. Season 7 auditions kick off next month in New York and Miami!