"SYTYCD" Season 8: Elimination 6

July 28, 2011

First, after A LOT of recap from last night’s show, we learned that Jordan, Caitlynn, Jess and Tadd were in jeopardy of being sent home.


Tadd, really? I thought he was safe for sure. Ricky, honey, you are one lucky man—I think you better step it up next week.


Here are the highlights from the show:

  • Cat Deeley.
    I’m sure you’ve all figured it out by now, but I may or may not be a little bit obsessed with her. In my mind, she can do no wrong. 
  • The opening number.
    If you would have asked me my thoughts on circus-themed numbers two minutes before the show started, I would have said something like, “Blah, blah, blah—I’m over it.” But this, this was absolutely stunning. Like eerily beautiful. The hair, the makeup, the costumes, the choreo (nicely done, Tyce)—I was swayed. Take me to the circus!

  • The LXD.
    Are there words to describe this ridiculously talented group of dancers? No, I think not. To quote Cat, “No way! No way! That is not physically, humanly possible!” Don’t forget: The third season of the LXD premieres on Hulu August 11! 
  • The solos.
    Usually they’re frantic, trick-filled frenzies…but tonight, I actually enjoyed them. Bravo, dancers. Bravo. 
  • Lady Gaga.
    I’ve decided I’d like her to stick to performing—I didn’t love her as judge. Her long-winded critiques almost always amounted to, well, nothing. But as a performer, you’ve gotta give it to her, girl’s talented. And hello, Mark Kanemura. You rock my world. 

In the end we said goodbye to Jordan and Jess. Can’t say I was surprised. What did you think? Did they send the right dancers home?