The Daily Buzz

February 28, 2010

Wake up late?
No worries, we’ve got you’ve covered. Follow these simple steps and you’ll look like a million bucks in less than ten minutes.

1. Brush your teeth, please!

2. Dab concealer on your blemishes

3. Swipe just enough black mascara over your lashes to make them visible.

4. Apply your favorite lip gloss.

5. Swoop your hair into a messy side ponytail or braid. Don’t worry about smoothing bumps or making it perfect.

6. Secure your hair with a favorite headband or hat.

7. For the finishing touch, sport your giant faux-diamond studs.

See? That was easy! No one will ever guess you were rehearsing until midnight, and now you’re ready to take on the world!

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