This "Broadway Dance Call" Gets Hilariously Real

May 27, 2017

Ah, the musical theater dance call. A godsend to those of us who consider ourselves Dancers-with-a-capital-D, the dance portion of any musical-theater audition also has its fair share of ridiculous, frustrating and just plain what-the-heck moments.

If you’re a Broadway baby who knows all too well what I mean, you NEED to watch the newest episode of BroadwayWorld’s hilarious improv-based web series “Turning the Tables.” Think you’ve survived the worst, weirdest dance call ever? That experience has nothing on this crazy audition for a mysterious Broadway-bound musical. The “casting directors” (really Broadway stars including Hamilton‘s Andrew Chappelle) demand increasingly bizarre dance steps from a group of “auditionees” who you’ll definitely recognize, like Samantha Sturm and CATSEloise Kropp. (Psst!—Keep an eye out for our July/August issue for lots more on Eloise.)

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll question every single musical theater audition you’ve ever attended. Trust us, just watch it.