This Corbin Bleu Interview Will Lift Your Post-Tonys Depression

June 15, 2019

If you’re a hardcore Broadway baby, today is the worst Sunday of the year. Why, you ask? The Tony Awards were last Sunday, so basically there’s nothing to look forward to in life anymore—no James Corden being James Corden, no teary acceptance speeches from newly minted stars, no thrilling excerpts from the hottest new shows. Oh yeah, and there are 50 more Sundays to go before our humdrum lives are once again blessed with the next annual iteration of Broadway’s biggest night.

But cheer up, chin up, it’s time to bring a happy attitude! (Yes, we’re still obsessed with Legally Blonde: The Musical and we’re never going to be sorry about it.) Have a look at this pure, delightful, positively dancetastic interview that triple-threat hunk Corbin Bleu recently gave to Roundabout Theater Company’s Education Dramaturg Ted Sod.

As you may know from our previous breathless coverage, Bleu is currently lighting up the Broadway boards as the irresistible but scoundrelly Bill Calhoun in Kiss Me, Kate (running through June 30 at Studio 54). But what you definitely don’t know is that for Bleu, “dance has always been number one”—and that’s just one of the juicy tidbits contained in this interview.

Another 😍 quote? His biggest dance pet peeve is oh so relatable: “I love when a choreographer is able to tell me exactly what it is that they want,” Bleu explains. “What drives me nuts is when we’re doing a tap move, say a toe/toe/heel/heel and I ask, ‘Do you want me to drop the right or the left heel?’ And they say, ‘Doesn’t matter, just do any one.’ Especially in group numbers, whenever there isn’t specificity, it ends up looking a bit sloppy.” We couldn’t agree more!

For much more musical-theater goodness—including Bleu’s advice for young performers, plus what he really thinks of efforts to make casting more diverse—read the full interview here. We think you’ll agree that this tea is “too darn hot.”